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We Make in India

ONESPY is designed & developed in India for all Android Smartphones

  • ONESPY is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • ONESPY is designed to fulfill all the Phone monitoring needs of parents.
  • All the ONESPY app administration is done from India only.
  • ONESPY is the best Android Monitoring App and offers 30+ features to monitor.
  • As mentioned above, its registered in India therefore is not a 3rd Party App.

A Best alternatives To Chinese App!

The year 2020 has been taken for a rough start and we’ve seen a lot of extremely disappointing incidents. However, the concern of privacy from Chinese apps has been there for a very long time as experts have claimed that certain apps have misused or at least extracted data that can be private to most users. In recent times, a lot of users have become more concerned about the dominance of Chinese apps which are there in the market and may be stealing your personal data. Let's start monitoring your loved ones and ONESPY, The most Trusted Indian Application.

We Make in India

Launched on 25 September 2014 Make in India, is a Swadeshi Movement which covers 25 sectors of the economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this initiative with a primary goal of making India one of the biggest global manufacturing hub by encouraging both the global as well as multinational companies to manufacture their products in India.

Make in India has facilitated the Indian economy by offering leapfrog advancements to all the consumers in the Indian market. And opportunities for businesses to manufacture and develop quality products at a pocket-friendly price point.

We at ONESPY, would like to proudly claim that Onestore India (P) Limited is an authorized organization. It is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Delhi, India. Our brand ONESPY is a registered application which is developed indigenously by Onestore India (P) Limited and is actively delivering quality services to all its valuable users.

Some phone monitoring app makers are only reselling the monitoring apps in India from a third-party source from another country in the name of employee monitoring and parental control solution.

While on the other hand, ONESPY is the sole and in-house developed application and is an administered product of Onestore India (P) Limited. We do not resell any 3rd-party software and deliver the best quality for parental control and employee monitoring.



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