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Android Tracking

Now track all Android phones with most features easily.

Install in minutes, tracks everything

It takes even less than 5 minutes to install Onespy on the phone and it then enables you to monitor amost every aspect of the device remotely without having to access the phone again.

From calls to WhatsApp, 24x7x365

Track GPS locations, monitor WhatsApp chats and calls, record phone calls, see SMS messages and much more in realtime on your online Onespy account.

Android Tracking


No Root Required

Basics + WhatsApp


No Root Required

IM w/o Recordings

Premium Lite

No Root Required *

IM + Emails


No Root Required *

100% Undeletable


* IM and email features other than WhatsApp will require the phone to be rooted.

** Device change will only be granted to users who have subscribed after 24/04/2017.